Looking for a Fixer-Upper?

Get the facts about your potential Birmingham, AL home

You don’t want a cookie-cutter home that looks like all the others. You want a home with history and character. You want something you can expand and customize to make your own. Keep in mind that homes with more history may not be as efficient or structurally sound as newer homes. Clark & Associates, LLC can spot a potential home’s weaknesses before you have to deal with them. We can find issues with electrical systems, roofing, HVAC and appliances so you can plan your future projects. We will perform residential home inspection services including condo inspections, foundation inspections, multi-family home inspections, and pre-sale inspections.

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5 reasons to get a professional home inspection before buying

You may have found the home that perfectly fits your lifestyle and preferences, but before you close a deal, you should find out about the problems that might be lurking under the surface. Call us for a home buyer inspection today. Here are a few reasons to have your home inspected before purchasing your dream home:

  1. Reveal structural or safety issues in the home
  2. Make sure additions and installations are up to code
  3. Get an understanding of future work that may need to be addressed
  4. Find issues that may contribute to a lower list price
  5. Identify problems that may guide your final decision

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Examples of Defects Found During a Home Inspection

home inspection driveway crack defect
uncovered light switch-home inspection defect
hole in exterior vinyl siding
deck not bolted to house